WHO are we?
We are a passionate and experienced team with big ambitions.

Singer Design Studio is a collaborative, creative agency providing focused design, extraordinary user experience and precise delivery.  Led by our highly experienced co-founders, our creative team deploys their talents effectively across all aspects of your company’s marketing and collateral needs.

Our services

Delivering an extensive range of services to ensure your success. Each project is unique, as all of our clients’ needs are unique.



Our job is to help you determine which platforms and campaigns are the best fit for your business.  We won’t advocate for strategies or tools, simply because everyone else is doing it.  We create a unique path, tailored to your specific goals, advancing your online presence and delivering extreme value and maximum results.



We help companies define and determine their purpose with exhaustive research, competitive market place analysis, and a deep dive into their organization and its’ processes. With that thorough understanding of what sets you apart, we develop a path and the mechanisms to enrich the vim of your brand in every form.


Your company’s website provides an intimate opportunity to connect, delivering your vision in a way you can uniquely design and control.  Our expertise leverages the latest innovation and technology to deliver a seamless journey, energizing your client, and driving them to engage even further with your brand.



To complete your package, we provide full print services including design, strategy, and print supervision. With over 20 years of experience, we are well-versed in all aspects of the printing process. Development of your printed items will be consistent with all other deliverables.


We can assist in identifying the opportunities and challenges in a business where online assets can provide a solution. Our team works in the development our your site to determine what that actual user’s experience will be upon interaction with the product.


Responsive design is about delivering your content, within the context in which your audience is viewing. There are four screen sizes… from desktop to mobile device. These considerations are addressed to showcase your website in the best manner.

What are your goals and needs for today, and five years from now? Our focus is on you. We believe in teamwork and collaboration, and never underestimate the power of customer experiences. We ask the questions, and then we deliver your story.
We’ve had the pleasure to partner with the Pullias Center for Higher Education at USC in the development of both printed and online marketing collateral for the Department.
Pasadena Showcase House of Design
Urban Harvester
Alpine Design
George B. Woodcock
Miller Kaplan Arase, LLC
Maya Williams Design
Eagle National Mint
Page Family Waffle Co.
Armanino LLP
Our clients

Over the years we’ve had the pleasure of working with a wide variety of clients, ranging from start-ups, to Fortune 500 companies. Our reputation is built on our commitment to each client, and to provide them with exceptional service.

Proactive Marketing, Inc.

“As a marketing consultant to professional services firms, Singer Design Studio has been my go-to graphic designer for many years.  From intake through delivery, they are thoughtful, creative, collaborative and fast.  They are true professionals who I frequently refer to others with confidence.”

Let’s make something together

We have a unique story with each client. Let us tell your story.